Things to Turn Over During Transition of Officers


Resources to pass on to your successor

  • A procedure book that includes:
  • Toolkit in hard copy or CD
  • Parents Empowering Parents (PEP) Guide
  • CD of convention handouts if available
  • Insurance Loss and Prevention Guide
  • National PTA’s Quick Reference Guides
  • List of where PTA items and records are stored and passwords for electronic media (storage facility, mailbox, internet service provider, electronic newsletter service,social media sites, etc.)

For information on the documents that every PTA must retain, click here.

Contact information

  • Current, outgoing board list and previous year’s lists
  • Copy of nominating committee report
  • Contact information for district PTA and council PTA, if in council
  • Names and contact information for school districts, county office of education, any allied agencies in the area
  • List of relevant websites:
    • Unit PTA website
    • Tenth District PTSA –
    • Highlands Council of PTA’s –
    • California State PTA –
    • National PTA –

Data and reports

  • Calendar of due dates for current year
  • Membership totals for current year and several previous years
  • Annual unit historian reports with supporting pictures, etc.
  • Reports and samples/fliers of invitations and other materials/programs from any events or programs


  • Budget for current year and previous two years
  • Audits for at least one year and finalized arrangements for summer audit
  • Year-end financial report or arrangements for preparation
  • List of governmental assigned numbers: Federal employer identification number (EIN), California state entity number, California charitable trust number, all of which would be in your unit bylaws if they have been updated and approved in the last 2-3 years
  • IRS Form 990s, California Form 199s, California Registry of Charitable Trust RRF-1s, and other legal filings as part of the permanent records


  • Copies of all newsletters for the past year
  • Agendas from meetings for past year
  • Copies of minutes from past years as part of the permanent records

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