Tenth District Reflections 2015-2016 Winners




“Let Your Imagination Fly!”

Los Angeles Tenth District Reflections Exhibit
March 6, 2016, 11:00 am to 3:00 pm
Tenth District Barbara Topkis Auditorium
1000 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles, CA  90015

Thank you to all the 21 Reflections Arts Chairpersons for their hard work and for supporting the Arts Education Program in the schools!  Eight hundred twenty two (822) Reflections entries were submitted to twenty-one (21) PTAs/PTSAs this year.  Below is the list of the participating schools and the names of the Reflections Chair for each school:

Atlantic Griffith Council – Talitha Tjandra – City Terrace

Gateway Council – Nadia Rios – 186th Street, Kathleen Kendrick – Dolores Street, Yvette Dayoan -Stephen M. White Middle

Highlands Council – Garret Williams – Dahlia Heights, Shannon Keller – Los Feliz Charter, Todd Westover – Mt. Washington, Barbara Lee – Solano Avenue

Lomita/San Pedro Council – Esther Hatch –  Lomita Math/Science Magnet, Michelle Ahaja – Park Western/Harbor Magnet

Out of Council – Heather Kampf and Jennifer Muirhead – Third Street, Julie McManus – Grand Arts PTSA, Mitra Rund – Mar Vista, Dorothy Pincus – Castle Heights, Cathy Salser – Palisades Elementary Charter, Bonnie Rejaez -Palisades Charter High, Cathy Glueck – Palms Middle, Jane Zahn – Revere Middle, Lynn Ishii – University High, Marieke Boorman – Wonderland Avenue, Sara Roos – Venice High

The Tenth District judges recognized three hundred twenty seven (327) entries either with Award of Excellence, Award of Merit or Honorable Mention. These entries will be displayed in the Reflections Exhibit and Reception at Tenth District on Sunday, March 6.

In addition, the district judges selected 23 entries to forward from Tenth District to the California State PTA for further consideration.


Madalynn Olmos , Primary, Park Western/Harbor Magnet
Kitty Roche, Intermediate, Wonderland
Juliana Pincus, Middle School, Palms
Gene Tanaka, High School, Palisades Charter

Visual Arts:
Clara Carter-Klauschie, Primary, Castle Heights
Jacquie Traenkle, Intermediate, Palisade Elementary
Yejin Lee, Middle School, Palms
Salma Abdu, High School, University
Danielle Perez, Special Artist, Lomita Magnet

Dance Choreography
Mila Dahm, Primary, Mt. Washington
Mattie Tillman, Intermediate, Palisades Elementary
Sanam Kamran, High School, Palisades Charter

Music Composition
Jacob Gabayan, Primary, Palisades Elementary
Wesley Wells, Intermediate, Mar Vista
Mia Ruhman, Middle School, Paul Revere
Sophia Eberlein, High School, Palisades Charter

Film Production
Sawyer Armbrust, Primary, Palisades Elementary
August Hirsch, Intermediate, Castle Height

Joshua Lo, Primary, Third Street
Samuel Nam, Intermediate, Wonderland
Kristin Villaraza, Middle School, Palms
Candace Yee, High School, Palisades
Razan Parker, Special Artist, Lomita Magnet