Reflections Student Theme Search Contest

The art can’t start without an annual theme, and we need your help: Children and youth can submit a national theme to serve as the inspiration for Reflections artists and their original works. Students submitting the winning theme receive $100 and recognition at the National PTA Convention. The 2015 – 2016 theme is Let Your Imagination Fly!

Download Application.

Past Reflections Themes

Reflections: Children and Youth, Mirror Their World (1969-70)
Reflections: Children and Youth Look to Tomorrow (1970-71)
Reflections: America, The Beautiful, The Ugly (1971-72)
Reflections: This is Our Country (1972-73)
From Sea to Shining Sea (1973-74)
Our Heritage – Our Hopes (1974-75)
Spirit of ’76 – Miracle of America (1975-1976)
What the World Needs Now (1976-77)
Love Is… (1977-78)
Look Out Your Window (1978-79)
Behind the Gates of Tomorrow (1979-80)
What Family Means to Me (1980-81)
What Makes Me Smile (1981-82)
Life in These United States (1982-83)
I Have a Dream (1983-84)
What Sparks My Imagination (1984-85)
From Liberty’s View (1985-86)
In Celebration: A Past to Remember, A Future to Mold (1986-87)
Wonders of the World (1987-88)
Proud Experiences (1988-89)
Where Does the Sky End? (1989-90)
If I Had a Wish (1990-91)
Exploring New Beginnings (1991-92)
Imagine That (1992-93)
If I Could Give the World a Gift (1993-94)
Dare to Discover (1994-95)
Just Open Your Eyes and See (1995-96)
It Could Happen (1996-97)
Wouldn’t It Be Great If (1997-98)
Suddenly you turn around and … (1998-99)
Anything is possible … (1999-2000)
It would be really strange if … (2000-01)
I hold in my hand … (2001-02)
Signs of Courage (2002-03)
I am really happy when … (2003-04)
A Different Kind of Hero (2004-05)
I Wonder Why … (2005-06)
My Favorite Place (2006-07)
I Can Make a Difference by … (2007-08)
Wow! (2008-09)
Beauty Is … (2009-10)
Together We Can (2010-11)
Diversity means … (2011-12)
The Magic of a Moment … (2012-13)
Believe, Dream, Inspire (2013-14)
The world would be a better place if … (2014-15)
Let your imagination fly (2015-16)
What is Your Story? (2016-17)