Ready, Set, Remit!


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PTA units that remitted per capita dues through channels for 30 or more members by October 31 will receive a certificate from California State PTA. No application required. Each unit PTA must remit the 30 or more members to their council by October 1, or the Tenth District PTSA by October 15 (for out of council units).

When sending in your remittance to your council and/or the Tenth District PTSA, please allow additional time for them to process and mail checks to the state PTA office. Remittances of “per capita” should be forwarded by every PTA at least monthly, and sent to your council and/or the Tenth District PTSA. “Per capita” means per person dues, and is the portion of membership dues not belonging to your PTA. The unit (school) PTA remits to the council PTA (or if out of council, to the Tenth District PTSA). The council PTA remits to the Tenth District PTSA. The Tenth District PTSA remits to California State PTA, who remits to National PTA.