PTA Resources to Use: Be a Reliable Resource on Children’s Issues



PTA is frequently asked to provide opinions to the media on school and community concerns, before elected leaders, and by participating on school district committees. The presidents and executive board members can create a simple resource folder, print or electronic, to provide quick responses and build confidence. Council and district PTA presidents and communications chairmen are only a telephone call or email away. Reporters appreciate accurate information and understand and respect the request, “Can I have a moment to check my resources and get back to you?” As newsworthy items or hot topics become available, add the information to the folder.

Your PTAs background face sheet:

  • PTA’s organization date, historical milestones, recent and current year’s membership number.
  • Current roster of officers, chairmen and contact information.
  • Calendar of key events or annual traditions, successful events
  • PTA Mission, term goals and objectives.
  • Basic information about the school staff, student enrollment, programs
  • PTA and school newsletters or enews publications

Your school district:

  • Background fact sheet
  • Personnel titles, names and contact information
  • Public relations officer
  • Emergency Contact number

California State 2011 Toolkit:

  • PTA “Talking Points;”

Communication tab

  • PTA Brief Statements on Current Issues,”

PTA Basic tab

  • PTA Position Statements
  • PTA Legislation Program
  • PTA Pocket Pal information is a helpful:
  • Education Pocket pal
  • Membership Pocket Pal
  • Parent Involvement Pocket Pal
  • PTA Brochure contains excellent talking points. Download these and other from
  • Membership tab, in English and Spanish:
  • Involvement makes a Difference
  • Parent Talk
  • Put yourself in the PTA Picture
  • PTA Membership Benefits You…

On the web at

  • California State PTA Resolution Book posted on Resolutions tab
  • National PTA Public Policy:
  • policy agenda notes to linksto the national PTA policy briefs, positions statements and resolutions.

Current resources, print/electrionic*

PTA in California

Sacramento Update*

PTA Legislation and iformation Alert*

California State PTA Legislation Resources

Council/district PTA Newsletters

National PTA, Our Children

National PTA, Take Acxtion Update*