PTA Board 2017-2018


PTA Board 2017-2018

As the newly elected board it is important that you start the new program year by reading your BYLAWS, and making sure that the bylaws have been updated!  California State PTA requires that unit bylaws must be reviewed every year and updated every 3 years.  The PTA toolkit is available online;  This is the best way to keep a copy of the more than 500 page toolkit, as each board member must familiarize themselves with PTA rules, procedures, and responsibilities, by reading and consulting the toolkit on regular basis.


Appointing Committee Chairmen and Members

The chairmen and committee members are appointed by the PRESIDENT, subject to ratifications of the PTA EXECUTIVE Board. Each individual must be a member of the PTA. The secretary (or president) can report out the appointments at the following association meeting. Often PTAs list the committees with chairmen and members on a Roster.

When the executive board cannot meet its quorum, it’s the only time the president must present the ratification of the action at an association meeting. However, this action must carefully be considered.  If there was an objection to any one member, then the president should pull the item so as not to embarrass any member, and reconsider the appointments.

The association can direct the president or executive board to create a committee. In this instance the president should determine whether the association prefers to ratify the appointments or if the association delegates the appointment to the president and executive board as usual.

The term of office for chairman shall be one year or until successors have been appointed.  Chairmen may serve an additional term if appointed by the president, approved by the executive board and ratified by the association. No chairman shall be eligible to the same chairmanship for more than two consecutive termsRefer to Standard Unit Bylaws, Article VI-Duties of Officers; section 1 President; Article VIII-Executive Board; Article Committees; Roberts Rules of Order