PTA – A Guest on School Campuses


With all the hours spent on school campuses, PTA leaders may sometimes forget they are representatives of an organization separate from the school – and are guests on campus. Either the current principal or a prior one agreed to have a PTA on campus to help create a focus for parents and a partnership between parents and staff with goals to benefit the students.

As an organization, we hold our leaders to high standards and expect them to always remain courteous and respectful of the entire school community at all times. It’s important to remember that we are viewed as role models, representing PTA.

Tips for a PTA leader at school:

  • Greet other parents at school activities
  • Sit with someone you don’t know to get to know them
  • Stay positive and point out contributions all parents can make to the community
  • Avoid gossip
  • Treat staff and other parents with respect
  • Believe in people and help others achieve goals
  • Communicate well

The art of leadership is the ability to make what one is doing attractive to others … attractive enough for others to want to join and take on responsibilities!

California State PTA thanks you for always keeping the goals and mission of your PTA in mind, and for setting an example as a parent leader. Acting like a leader and a courteous guest on campus will ensure that your PTA will continue to be welcomed, respected and thanked for the difference you are making in the lives of your school community.