National PTA: Support Military Families in April!

National PTA

April is the Month of the Military Child, a time where all branches of the military and citizens around the country recognize the military child for the sacrifices they make while their parent or guardian serves our nation. The life of the military child is often marked by change. The average military student will attend six to nine different school systems before high school graduation, meaning frequent fluxes in school curriculum, friend groups, and community supports.


The Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children (Compact) addresses the inequities facing school children of military parents when they are required to relocate across state lines. Since 2008, 45 states have joined the Compact.
This April, let your school superintendent or state’s elected officials know that you care about military families. Here’s how:

If your state has adopted the Interstate Compact (all states, except New Hampshire, New York, Minnesota, Montana, or Oregon), send a letter of thanks to your school district’s superintendent using the template found on

If your State has NOT adopted the Compact (New Hampshire, New York, Minnesota, Montana, or Oregon), write to your state’s elected officials and tell them that you support the adoption of the Interstate Compact. Click here to find contact information for your state’s elected officials. Visit for a template email to show your support.

For more information on the Month of the Military Child, visit or visit Military Interstate Children’s Compact Commission for parent tip sheets.