PTA Loves New Members

PTA loves new members

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by reaching out and recruiting new members. It’s a great way to show how much your PTA loves parents, teachers and the community – plus, your PTA can qualify for great prizes by meeting the Lucky 13 in 2013 membership challenge.

Every time your PTA increases your membership total by 13 members over last year’s total, your PTA will be entered to win the ultimate Lucky 13 in 2013 gift basket. Plus, two lucky PTAs will receive $1,313 in cash to help support PTA programs and services at your school. The more your PTA increases membership, the more chances you have to win!

Amplify your mid-year membership recruitment efforts with these ideas to show how much your PTA loves new members:

  • Each time a new member joins, write their name on a large heart and post somewhere on your school campus. (Principal approval required.)
  • Work with teachers to have students create valentines to send home with a special note to join PTA.
  • Make a list of 13 community members who have not yet joined your PTA and extend a special heart-shaped invitation to them.
  • Offer incentives such as a school parking spot or go-to-lunch-early passes to the student who brings in the 13th membership envelope.


Meet the Lucky 13 in 2013 membership challenge today and show just how much PTA loves new members!