Leadership Essentials, November 15 Edition


Leadership Essentials

November 2015 Edition

PTAs: File by November 15 to stay in good standing!

Don’t forget: All PTAs must file their state and federal taxes as well as the Registration Renewal Fee Report (RRF-1) to the Attorney General’s Office by November 15 to remain in good standing — and California State PTA is here to help! Please check the California State PTA’s Tax Filing Support Center for helpful tools, tips and information.

If your PTA is using a tax consultant, please be aware that not all tax professionals understand non-profit filing. Make sure tax professionals address their questions to California State PTA via the Tax Filing Support Center, not the government agency.

If you receive correspondence from a government agency, be sure to immediately notify your council PTA or district PTA and provide a copy of what you received. Do not call the government agency: California State PTA has a relationship with these agencies and can more effectively and correctly address any issues that arise.

More Deadline Reminders

  • PTA insurance coverage for the 2016 year is now due to California State PTA through channels. Premiums are $216 for units and $154 for councils and districts. Check with your district or council for deadlines, and find out more about what your insurance provides.
  • Building PTA membership has great payoffs for your school such as increased family engagement and… awards!
  • Is your unit ready for the Reflections Art Program? Check out all the info.
Got vacancies?

Is your PTA still filling vacancies? Asking the right questions of prospective board members can make all the difference in getting a live body and getting someone who will energize and support the board in your goals to fulfill PTA work. Depending on the open position, consider asking the following of possible board members:

  • Can you describe a time when you did more than was required on an assignment?
  • What would you do if you made a really bad PTA blunder? How would you handle it?
  • Do you think some PTA rules and protocols are more important than others?
  • When was a time you helped someone else solve a problem?
  • What do you consider your best PTA idea?
  • How do you prioritize?
  • What qualities do you think a PTA leader should have or strive for?

Getting to know prospective board members by asking questions and hearing their answers and ideas can be very helpful in recruiting good people to the board and continuing to grow human assets for the good of our organization – and our children.

Basic PTA operating expenses: Are you covered?

Like any business, PTAs have basic operating expenses that should be financially supported by the annual membership campaign. When the local portion of membership dues is too low, the PTA will be challenged to meet its minimal operating expenses. Fundraising should be reserved for the added value the PTA wishes to provide for students, faculty and families. What are some of the basic operations of a PTA and why are they important? Click here to read more.

Check out the PTA Store for materials and awards

Aside from the much-loved PTA apparel and drinkware, did you know the PTA Store offers great items such as expanded Reflections Art Program awards and membership advertising materials to help promote your PTA? We encourage you to use ShopPTA.com as a valuable resource for your PTA or PTSA.

Leadership Essentials includes focused information for PTA leaders at all levels. Past issues are archived on the California State PTA website. Please contact leadership@capta.org if this email contained information that was helpful to you, or to share ideas about what information would be helpful to include in future issues.