LCFF and LCAP – What Do They Mean to the Parents?


Case in point – the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), which requires that parents give their input about how funds will be spent to support children and learning in your schools.

The LCFF provides additional funding to support low-income and English-Language Learner students, as well as foster youth. It also dramatically shifts decision-making from the state to the school district level, with flexibility for local communities to decide how to best spend resources.

Parent and community input will be required for each district to establish a Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP). These plans will set goals and describe specific actions that will help the district reach those goals in eight “priority” areas, as well as any additional areas that a local school district determines is important.

Parents and PTAs can begin to ask administrators questions to help familiarize parents with school district budgets and budget building processes. That will help parents prepare for a meaningful role as participants in the local decision making.

You can be part of the process by:

  • Learning more about how the LCFF and LCAP work. California State PTA has resources available online at
  • Asking administrators what your schools and district are doing to get ready for the new LCFF.
  • Participating in PTA meetings and discussions to help inform more parents and ensure that the parent voice is represented.
  • Sign up for PTA legislative and policy alerts to keep up-to-date.

Note: Later this week, the State Board of Education will be meeting to consider the draft regulations related to the LCFF and the LCAP. View PTA’s testimony to the State Board of Education and get more updates at