Now is the time to re-energize your membership efforts. Reaching out and recruiting new members at the start of the calendar year is an excellent way to continue to strengthen your PTA – plus, your PTA can qualify for great awards by meeting our membership challenges…


There’s still time for your PTA to meet the Teachers Matter…Members Matter challenge, too!

With two weeks remaining to qualify, all you have to do is have 100 percent of your full-time, home-based credentialed teachers join your PTA and have total membership numbers (as of January 31, 2013) that exceed your June 30, 2012 total. ALL qualifying units will receive ONE FREE REGISTRATION to the 2013 California State PTA Annual Convention!  Don’t wait! Jump-start your mid-year membership recruitment efforts and meet the challenge today!   Applications must be received in the California State PTA office by January 31.   If you are not sure what your unit membership total was last year, please contact the Tenth District.

Lucky 13 in 2013!

Feeling lucky?   For PTA leaders, the number 13 can be the winning number in 2013!   Every time your PTA increases your membership total by 13 members over last year’s total, your PTA will be entered to win awesome prizes!  The more your PTA increases membership, the more chances you have to win the ultimate Lucky 13 in 2013 gift basket!  Deadline to qualify is March 31, 2013. No application is required. The winning units will be announced at the 2013 California State PTA Annual Convention.  Meet the Lucky 13 in 2013 membership challenge today!