November 15, 2014

 All Units & Councils,

NOW is the time to make sure YOU have the following important documents for the IRS:

 IRS 990 N (e-card) complete electronically. Complete on-line:

(Deadline: November 15, 2012)

FTB 199 complete on-line: November 15, 2012)

CT Number (Registry of Charitable Trust) (Deadline: December 7, 2012)

If you have your CT number PLEASE File your Annual Registration Renewal Fee Report To Attorney General of California (RRF – 1).

You can download it on line at


Membership and Insurance are NOW DUE

  • Membership is $4.50 per member payable to LA 10th District PTA

 Council Dues – which are additional – differ from Council to Council

Check Payable to the Council you belong to:

 Atlantic/Griffith $0.25 Gateway $0.50 Highlands $0.20 Lomita/San Pedro $0.35

Los Angeles $0.25 Pacific $0.50 West Area/Westchester $0.50 Westside $0.25

 Insurance is payable to LA 10th District PTA(Deadline: Dec. 7, 2012)

Units: $209.00 Councils: $131.00

(Attach insurance premium payment to the Workers’ Compensation Annual Payroll Report)

After December 7, 2012 a late fee of $25.00 will be charged.

Federal IRS and State Franchise Tax Board rules require

all nonprofits, including PTAs, to file certain tax forms each year.

The State Attorney General’s Office requires that all PTA units must be registered with the Attorney General’s Office, Registry of Charitable Trusts CT-1 form AND must start filing the Registration Renewal Fee RRF-1 form annually, beginning no later than December 2012.

PTAs that do not register by this date, will be required by the Attorney General’s Office to provide five years of information filings, fees and possible fines. If you do not have a Charitable Trust (CT) number yet, FILE NOW as the process takes approximately 90 days (3 months) to complete. Check these websites for additional information Or

Don’t place your PTA’s tax-exempt status in jeopardy.

Los Angeles Tenth District PTSA is committed to providing information and training to help make your PTA and PTSA aware of the latest state and federal requirements.