Financial Officers’ Reports


A monthly report must include

  • balances at the beginning and end of the period covered;
  • amounts credited to the general fund and any special funds;
  • receipts and disbursements with a detailed written report;
  • The report must be posted and/or distributed. Copies of the report must be provided to the president and secretary and added to the treasurer’s file, which must be placed on file for audit.

Financial Secretary’s Report (Forms 405)
A monthly report must reflect the duties of a financial secretary, as assigned in the bylaws, and should include

  • Itemized listing of receipts
  • Itemized listing of deposits
  • Itemized listing of Authorizations for Payment

Auditor’s Report
A written Auditor’s Report must be presented semiannually to the association after the books and financial records of the association have been audited. If all is in order, the auditor or audit committee should prepare a report, and the auditor and each member of the committee should sign it.

A report must also be submitted by the audit committee in the event that there are not adequate records available to conduct a proper accounting of the association funds. The audit report must be officially adopted by the association (Audit Report 5.4.5, 229).

All unit, council and district PTAs must file a Workers’ Compensation Annual Payroll Report annually. Reports must be forwarded through channels and received by the California State PTA no later than January 31.

If no one was employed during the report period, complete the information as requested and write “no payment made” in the area where one would list the employee’s name.

If workers were paid (even for one hour), report the name of the worker, specific type of work performed, date worked, amount paid and whether the worker carried personal Workers’ Compensation insurance. If the PTA does not pay the worker directly but donates the money to the school, do not list the worker.

Individuals paid directly are considered to be hired by the PTA and listed on this form (PTA as an Employer 5.6, 235). You must be specific about what type of work is performed (see Sample Workers’ Compensation Annual Payroll Report, Forms 399).

  • Baby-sitters must be listed on this form as employees of the PTA (PTA-Provided Baby-sitting Services 5.8.5, 245).
  • Off-duty policemen hired by PTA, with payment made by the PTA directly to the officer, are considered employees.
  • Individuals paid by a school district or other employer are NOT considered to be hired by the PTA and are not listed on this form.
  • Cafeteria and custodial employees who are employed by the school district and whose services are normally arranged by the school administrator are not considered PTA employees. If PTAs pay for the services of such district employees, the PTA pays the school district for such services.
  • Payments to police departments or security agencies for security personnel are not included, if the persons were salaried by the department or agency during the period of service to the PTA.

The Annual Financial Report reports gross receipts and disbursements for the fiscal year. The report is distributed to the executive board, to the membership, and may be required by federal and state tax agencies. The council and district PTA also may require reports.

The Unit Remittance Form accompanies the per capita dues, insurance premiums and freewill offerings submitted through channels to the California State PTA office.

Financial Officers Leaving Office
Financial records should be put in order for the auditing process shortly before the end of the term of office. The audit should be completed as quickly as possible. The outgoing treasurer cannot pay bills after the books are closed for audit or after the term of office ends. Upon assuming office, the incoming treasurer may deposit funds in the PTA bank account and pay authorized requests for reimbursement bills as needed.