Congratulations Outgoing Officers!

It’s time to celebrate your success on a job well done! But don’t forget to take time to evaluate what went well this PTA year and what needs improvement. Your evaluation will provide some much-needed direction for the incoming PTA leaders.

Learn more about how to evaluate your PTA’s:



  • Programs and projects.
  • Membership campaign.
  • Leadership development and training.

Close out your term the right way

Show appreciation!

Your board members supported you the entire year. Let them know how much you appreciate their help and support:

  • Show public recognition.
  • Write personal thank-you notes (be specific in what they added to the board).
  • List personal and group accomplishments.

The payback in PTA doesn’t come with a paycheck, but it should come from acknowledgment of a job well done. Be generous in telling them how much they’ve made a difference for your school community!