Our Own Arts Education Hero, Jocelyn Duarte

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Speak up for arts education in your LCAP 

After last month’s Arts Education Advocacy Breakfast at the 2014 California State PTA Annual Convention, one local arts hero, PTA President Jocelyn Duarte from Wilshire Crest Elementary School in Los Angeles (Los Angeles Council PTA, Tenth District PTA) wasted no time in putting her passion for the arts into action. Learn more. After learning about the opportunity to secure arts education funding through the new Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) and ways to promote the importance of arts education for every child through the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP), Jocelyn did three things all arts advocates can do now to learn more and get engaged:

  1. She researched her school district’s LCAP timeline.
  2. She downloaded and reviewed her school district’s draft LCAP.
  3. She attended her school district’s next public input meeting and provided meaningful feedback on the draft LCAP.

Despite it being her first time attending a school board meeting, Jocelyn advocated fearlessly using her parent story (recently featured on KPCC public radio).

You can advocate fearlessly for arts education, too!

You can do as Jocelyn did with the latest resources from our PTA partners, the California Alliance for Arts Education, Arts for All, Arts for LA and others.

Resources include a sample LCAP template that offers concrete examples of how school districts can implement arts education strategies to improve student outcomes and a sample letter offering feedback on a district LCAP, among other tools to empower you as arts advocates.