Nominations and Elections


The strength of your PTA depends on the effectiveness of its leaders.

The process that your PTA uses to identify and elect officers is very important to the strength and future of the organization.

Helping your PTA get the appropriate procedures in place regarding election of officers is a great legacy for future PTA leaders.  Electing the PTA leaders for the following year allows for an effective transition and provides an opportunity for the new leaders to be trained.

The nominating committee plays a crucial role in this process. The committee’s major role and responsibility is to nominate the best-qualified available candidate for each elected officer position. The nominating committee is the only PTA committee that is not appointed by the president.

The most important committee [pdf]

First, be sure to check your bylaws for:

  • when the nominating committee is elected and by whom
  • how many members, how many alternates and who is eligible to be elected to serve on the nominating committee
  • which officers are elected and which are appointed
  • the qualifications required to be elected as an officer and the term of office, and
  • the month of the election meeting (usually in March or April)

Did you know?

  1. Most PTA units should elect the nominating committee no later than January or February for the election of officers in March or early April.
  2. No PTA member shall serve on the nominating committee for two consecutive years.
  3. The nominating committee presents the slate of officers to the membership as a whole at least 30 days before the election.
  4. PTA officers do have term limits – check your bylaws.

The nominating committee should assure that the persons being nominated understand all of the duties/responsibilities of the position, the time required and the expected representation at council or district PTA meetings.

DOs and DON’Ts for Nominating Committees [pdf]

Every effort should be made to provide the PTA with a slate of officers that is balanced:

  • New as well as experienced officers
  • Represents the school attendance area
  • Reflects the diversity of the school population

Nominating Committee Checklist [pdf]


  • The committee is not obligated to nominate the president or any current officer eligible to serve a second term, or to automatically nominate the executive/first vice-president for president.
  • Discussions among the members of the committee must be open and frank but these discussions are strictly confidential, and no information should leave the committee meeting, even after the officers have been elected.
  • A written report from the nominating committee is signed by the committee members and entered into the minutes of the association. For more details, please see the Toolkit section 2.2.

Report of the Nominating Committee [pdf]

  • The president conducts the elections.

Script for conducting elections [pdf]

  • Nominations can still be made from the floor on the day of the elections.

NOTE: It is very important that your PTA’s election takes place on the date indicated in your bylaws but definitely by April so that new officers can attend the annual state convention or any training offered in the spring by your district PTA, and an effective transition can take place with the next year’s officers.

For more reasons on why timely elections are so very important, see:

Reasons to Conduct Elections Before the School Year Ends [pdf]