About 10th District PTSA

The Los Angeles Tenth District PTSA is a subsidiary organization representing Los Angeles, established by the California State PTA to facilitate the administration of the affairs of the California State PTA and the carrying out of its program.  The Los Angeles Tenth  District PTSA helps to coordinate the work of the 5 councils and 102 PTA/PTSA units,  with the plans and activities of the California State PTA and National PTA.

Our Board Members

  • Silvia Barba

    Silvia Barba


  • Josie Sandi

    Josie Sandi


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    Josie Sandi is the Business Development Manager at Emphasis.LA, a digital marketing and website development company. Prior to joining Emphasis.LA, Josie served as a District Representative for Congressman Steve Knight in California’s 25th Congressional District. During this time, Josie served in a Legislative capacity where she hosted round tables with community leaders to find solutions involving all Governmental capacities locally, statewide, and on a Federal level. Additionally, Josie served as a liaison between constituents and Federal Entities such as the Veteran’s Affairs. Prior to serving CA-25, Josie served in the United States Marines, as an Ammunitions Specialist from 1999-2003, then as a Civil Affairs Specialist from 2005-2016, followed by service with the IMA Detachment RSP-1 Southern California Region. Josie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing from Cal State Northridge and lives in Highland Park with her husband Jason and their three children

  • Jean Saunders

    Jean Saunders


  • Leslie Menjivar

    Leslie Menjivar

    1st Vice President – Leadership and Development

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    Leslie Menjivar has been an active volunteer for 20 years, she started with PTA in 2011. Since then she has been a Board member at Meyler Elementary School, Stephen M. White Middle School, 32 St. USC PTSA and she is past president of Gateway Council PTSA. She started working at the Los Angeles District PTA PTSA under Past President Verna Paul in 2013.
     Leslie is also involved in other community activities as a Board member of Monteclaro Cultural & Community Medicine Foundation, INC. She is married to Efrain Fuentes and has three children and one Granddaughter. She is a firm believer in equal opportunity for children’s education.

  • Lechelle Williams

    Lechelle Williams

    2nd Vice President – Community Concers

  • Vice President Santa Ramirez

    Santa Ramirez

    3rd Vice President – Health and Education

  • Cindy Wong

    Cindy Wong

    4th Vice President – Leadership

  • Yolanda Villareal Fifth V-P, Organization

    Yolanda Villareal

    5th Vice President – Organization

  • Female placeholder

    Alexandra Navarro

    6th Vice President – Programs

  • Female placeholder

    Jeanne Wauke


  • Cindy Munesato - Tenth District PTSA Parliamentarian

    Cindy Munesato


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    Our Parliamentarian, Cindy brings with her over 20 years of experience with PTA; holding various positions through local units, councils, and the district. She is a parent, grandparent, and former LAUSD parent community rep and staff liaison for the late board member Marguerite Lamotte. She enjoys advocating for children and helping the community.

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    Mary “Mama” Black

    Hospitality Chairman

  • Deana Vazquez


  • Noeny Delgado

    Noeny Delgado

    Reflections Chairman

  • Anvi Kevany

    Anvi Kevany

    District Advisor

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    Anvi Kevany has a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Southern California, and an M.S degree in Marriage, Family and Child Counseling from California State University at Northridge. Anvi has worked with several non-profit and government agencies, and for the past 20 years, worked as a child and parent advocate,  providing support, leadership and advocacy training to parent and community leaders for several PTA organizations within LAUSD, including volunteering as an officer, board member, and committee member for Mt. Washington Elementary PTA, Grand Arts PTSA, Arroyo Seco Museum Science PTA, and Eagle Rock Jr./Sr. High PTSA. Anvi was president of Highlands Council of PTA’s in 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2014, and treasurer for Tenth District PTSA in 2013-2015, and parliamentarian for Tenth District PTSA in 2015-2017.  Anvi chaired the Tenth District Reflections Program in 2014-2016. She is the president of Eagle Rock Jr./Sr. High PTSA for 2019-2020 and is the Tax Information Specialist for the Tenth District PTSA.  She is married for 29 years to a supportive husband, Joe, retired LAUSD schoolteacher for 36 years.  She has three children:  the youngest is Keira, a 10th grader, currently attending Eagle Rock Jr./Sr. High Magnet Program; and two older sons, Liam and Cal, both graduates of the University of Southern California Thornton School of Music, Class of 2015 and Class of 2020.


The organization which we call the Los Angeles Tenth District PTSA actually had its beginning in 1900 as being one of the first local PTAs to be established in what was then a national organization.  It was called the Los Angeles Federation of Mothers’ Clubs.  Two years later, in 1902, it changed its name to the Los Angeles Federation of Child Study Circles, a name that lasted only a few months, before being changed that November to California Congress of Mothers and Child Study Circles.  In 1910, it added the prefix of the Los Angeles Federation to the name.  In 1912 it was established as part of the First District of the California Congress of Parents and Teachers.

We officially became the Tenth District PTSA on June 30, 1920.  That means that this year, our Los Angeles Tenth District PTSA is a young 100 years of age.

During these 100 years, we have seen our city grow from a little hamlet to a megalopolis.  Our district’s programs have also grown to encompass the nation’s only health center clinic program originated and supported by PTA members, with assistance from donations and grants.

Our programs in parent education have also kept pace with the changing times.  Where health and nutrition were main priorities in 1920, we now find such issues as drug abuse, adolescent pregnancy, teenage suicide, cultural diversity and television viewing skills on our busy agenda.  School funding is a paramount concern today and the PTA has developed a legislative advocacy program to seek governmental support of public education and child welfare.

Children are still the focus of everything the PTA does, and are the reason for our existence.  Parent involvement in the schools is essential to effective educational programs.  This fact is increasingly being supported by studies of successful schools.  But it is not simply parental involvement alone; it must be informed parental involvement.  That is where the PTA can play a vital part in improving public education in our community.

The PTA at the National, State, and District levels promotes, plans, and offers seminars and workshops.  The PTA also offers publications and other resources to educate parents in the fine art of parenting, health, alcohol, and drug abuse, in understanding school management issues which include school finance, safety, law enforcement, adolescent sexuality, and a multitude of community concerns.

Phoebe Apperson Hearst, Alice McClellan Birney and Selena Sloan Butler would be proud of us if they could see what has happened to the organization which they founded in 1897.