Thank You to Our Music Scholarship Donors





Tenth District PTSA recognized the following donors for their support of our 2014 Music Scholarship Program at the District Awards Luncheon on May 21. Each received a Certificate of Appreciation.

Thank You!

Mt. Washington Elementary
Paul Revere Middle
Palms Middle
Venice High
Gateway Council
Highlands Council
Lomita/San Pedro Council
Westside Council
Mary Ann Garvey
Helene Mirich-Spear
Marty Wenkel

Helene Mirich-Spear, who has contributed to our Music Scholarship Program and served as a string judge for many years, was invited to the Awards Luncheon as a special guest. For the past several years, Helene has contributed $2000, which provided 10 music scholarships for private music lessons for the talented and promising students who auditioned. We are grateful for her continued support.

It is because of the financial support Tenth District receives from units, councils and individuals; that our PTSA Music Scholarship Program has continued since 1939. Help us to sustain this tradition in 2015.