Lucky 13


 How Lucky is Your PTA in 2013?

 Feeling Lucky? Make the Magic of Membership work for you with our  membership challenge-Lucky 13 in 2013.  This challenges runs from July 1 to March 31, 2013.  (All dues must be remitted throught PTA channels and arrive in the state PTA office by March 31, 2013 in order to qualify for the Lucky 13 in 2013 challenge.)

Each time you increase your membership by 13 over last year’s membership total. (the June 30, 2012 total), your PTA’s name will be entered into our drawing.  For example: if last year’s membership total was 200 members, and this year, your PTA has remitted per capita for 226 members by March 31, 2013, your PTA units name will be entered into our drawing twice–one time for each 13 members over last year’s membership total.                   

 Are you lucky enough to win the GRAND PRIZE?  No application required! The winning PTA’s name will be drawn at the 2013 California State PTA Convention In San Jose!