Board of Directors and Chairpersons

Name Position Email
Alexandra Navarro President Email
Silvia Barba First V-P, Development and Training Email
Marty Wenkel Second V-P, Community Concerns Email
Gwendolyn Landry  Third V-P, Education & Health Email 
Cynthia Medina  Fourth V-P, Leadership Email
Sherri Hatcher  Fifth V-P, Organization Email
Leslie Menjivar Secretary Email 
Santa Ramirez Treasurer Email 
Jean Saunders  Auditor Email 
Child Welfare Email
Finance Email 
Jeannie Wauke Historian Email 
Mary Black Hospitality Email 
Lidia Munoz  Ways and Means  
Cindy Wong Parliamentarian Email
Lechelle Williams Correspondence Secretary  
Nadine Melara Membership Email 
Music Scholarship Email 
Nora Gutierrez Legislation Email 
Yvette Dayson Reflections