Oct 222018

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California State PTA’s first membership challenge of the year is due soon!

PTA units that have Membership dues for at least 30 members (through proper channels) into the California State PTA office by October 30 will receive a certificate from California State PTA. No application required!

Units remit per capita dues through channels or through the TOTEM electronic membership system for 30 or more members by October 30. Each unit PTA must adhere to the due dates set by their council and/or Tenth District PTSA.

Council due date is October 1, and District due date is October 15.  If you missed the due dates, send them as soon as possible to allow additional time for them to process and mail checks to the state PTA office.  DO NOT SEND REMITTANCES TO THE CALIFORNIA STATE PTA.

Memberships submitted through the new on-line system (TOTEM) are forward automatically.

Learn more about membership challenges.