Feb 172017


PTA is part of the fabric of the United States’ public-education system and a trusted partner to millions of parents, families, educators and community members, as it advocates for education, welfare, health and safety of all children. PTA has been instrumental in establishing programs and services to improve children’s lives.

“Parent and family engagement is key to student success, and that’s what PTA has being doing for more than a century. PTA Day in California is not only a time to reflect on PTA’s many past accomplishments, but also a time to call on all Californians to continue PTA’s advocacy on children’s issues such as family-engagement programs, increased per-pupil funding and a full curriculum for every child.”– California State PTA President Justine Fischer

Mar 082016

Today, Americans for the Arts and the Arts Action Fund celebrate National Arts Advocacy Day, part of the National Arts Action Summit, with thousands of arts advocates across the country and hundreds of partnering state, local and national arts and arts education organizations.

If you can’t join us in Washington, DC today, then join us by taking two minutes to let your member of Congress know that you support the arts!

Today, more than 500 dedicated arts supporters from 44 states will come together in Washington, DC for the 29thannual Arts Advocacy Day, the only national event that brings together a broad cross section of America’s cultural and civic organizations.  
Participating in events are R&B singer Ledisi and guitarist and composer Kaki King.

These hundreds of arts advocates represent a united effort to tell Capitol Hill how important the arts are to our communities, how much arts education means to our future, and how the arts improve our daily lives. With 89 national partnering                organizations, Arts Advocacy Day helps shape this united arts message to Congress.

Kaki King


Ways You Can Take Part:

  • Ask your members of Congress to support the arts. Visit our E-Advocacy Center, and you’ll be able to send a message in less than two minutes directly to your Representative and Senators telling them why the arts are important to you and your community. Take two minutes and send your messageto Congress today!
  • Join in the discussion on the Arts Advocacy Day Facebook page.
  • On Twitter? Tweet your pro-arts support and Follow@Americans4Arts and track all the action in Washington, DC at #AAD2016 and #ArtsVote!

Help us continue this important work by becoming an official member of the Arts Action Fund. If you are not already a member, play your part by joining the Arts Action Fund today-it’s free and easy to join.

Thank you for your support of the arts.

Oct 172015

California State PTA Logo

Governor Brown signs
PTA-supported bills
PTA power in action!

Speaking up on behalf of all children and families is one thing that makes PTA entirely unique. That’s why we’re excited to share how PTA advocacy efforts have made a difference!

Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law 40 bills supported by PTA this legislative session. Some of the top priroity bills include:

  • AB 1369 – Helps teachers, parents and professionals in identifying, assessing and improving educational services for dyslexic students.
  • AB 216 – Makes it illegal to sell or provide materials that deliver non-nicotine products in a vaporized state to anyone under the age of 21.
  • SB 172 – Suspends the High School Exit exam and retroactively qualifies anyone who completed all other requirements for graduation and failed the exam to be eligible for a diploma.
  • SB 242 – Would require the approval of a school-governing board before a school district police dept. could receive surplus military equipment.
  • SB 277 – Requires all students to be immunized prior to attending school unless a physician declares an exemption.

Your efforts at the local, regional and state levels continue to to ensure the voices of California’s 9 million California children are heard.

Click here to see the full list of PTA-supported bills signed into law. Stay tuned for more information coming soon in the next Sacramento Update.


Jul 012015

Your support made a difference for California children!

Gov. Jerry Brown signed immunization legislation today to help ensure all students have a safe and healthy school environment. Thanks to all our members who took action and spoke up to support Senate Bill 277! See photos from the press conference.

“Senate Bill 277 is important legislation that will help make a difference for California’s children, who need and deserve safe school environments,” said California State PTA President Colleen A.R. You. “We strengthen our communities and protect the most vulnerable by requiring all medically eligible children to be vaccinated against dangerous – and preventable – diseases. We applaud Gov. Brown, Sen. Richard Pan and Sen. Ben Allen, and all our members and advocates who helped make the voices of vulnerable children heard.”

SB 277 will eliminate the personal-belief exemption and have all medically eligible children immunized against vaccine-preventable diseases, thus protecting vulnerable children in California schools. Currently, children entering the school system or child care are required to be immunized against various communicable diseases unless they medically cannot receive immunizations, or unless immunization is contrary to personal beliefs. SB 277 removes the personal-belief exemption while preserving the medical exemption.

Public discourse about SB 277 has been charged with emotion – and at times, the volume has been turned way up – and we understand that. PTA has a long track record of encouraging and training parents from all backgrounds to learn about education and health issues, and to advocate for their children. It is a good thing when the voice of parents is heard in local school board rooms and in state capitol committee rooms.

“We also have a long history of speaking up for all children, especially those who need an extra voice. And that is why California State PTA supports SB 277,” added You.

While several dangerous and potentially deadly diseases are no longer common in the U.S. due to decades of public-health immunization efforts, they persist where vaccinations are not readily available.
“It’s important that we continue to protect our children with vaccines because outbreaks of harmful – but preventable — diseases can and do occur right here at home.”


Watch President You’s speech on the SB 277 signing.
Apr 082015

Deepen your knowledge about K-12 education issues – and earn a chance to win money for your PTA!

Join us for a FREE webinar with Ed100

Education policy is changing fast and it can sometimes seem complicated.  Parents and PTA leaders play a key role in advocating for education.

Through PTA’s collaboration with Ed100.org, you can build your knowledge of education policy issues and become even more confident speaking up on behalf of children.

Sign up for the webinar to learn more!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015
Noon to 1 p.m.

After the webinar, if you carve out time to learn more about education issues and how to improve schools with Ed100, we’ll give your PTA a chance to win $1,000 to continue its good work.

Presented by:

Feb 042015

Increase your understanding of key K-12 education issues with Ed100 – and earn money for your PTA

Education is changing fast and it can seem pretty complicated. Parents play a key role in advocating for education.

Through PTA’s collaboration with Ed100.org, you can build your knowledge of education policy issues and become even more confident speaking up on behalf of children.

Here’s the deal:
If you carve out time to learn how to improve schools, Ed100 and California State PTA will give your PTA a chance to win $1,000 to continue its good work. That means more resources, more programs or more opportunities for your child and your school!

What you can do:

  • Sign up and join Ed100. It’s free!
  • Make sure you complete the information about your school.

As you finish lessons and chapters, you will earn “tickets” that are entered into a drawing. The more tickets you earn, the better chance your PTA has to win. For your school’s PTA to be eligible to win, at least two people must sign up with Ed100 and select the same school in their profile. You only need yourself and one other person. Plus, remember…Ed100 isn’t limited to parents: Teachers, community members, administrators and students can all participate.

Get started today so you and your PTA can make a difference!

Jan 062015

 Student leadership is needed!  Students are valuable members of the California State PTA Board of Managers.  Students share their perspective on current issues, voice their concerns, and provide insight during the meetings they attend.  Volunteer service as a member on the board provides students with an opportunity to further develop leadership skills within the framework and organizational structure of the California State PTA.

California State PTA is now accepting applications for students to serve on our state board.  Student board members must be at least 16 years of age and no more than 19 years of age by July 1, 2015.  Links to download the guidelines and application forms are below:

Please note that all applications must be received in the state office by March 15, 2015.  For more information, visit the Student Involvement section of our website.

If you have any questions, please contact Dell Goodman, Student Involvement Committee Chairman at studentinvolvement@capta.org.

Oct 292014
Don’t forget to spread the word to your parents and families
Free Spanish-language education event with PTA and

Dear Southern California PTA Leaders:Tell all of your parents, families and school community leaders about our FREE educational opportunity for Spanish-speaking families to learn more about college and career readiness, understanding the new Common Core State Standards and how to speak up for their children.Plus, there will be free childcare for children ages 3-12 provided by Thirty-First District PTA’s Creative Kids Program, and free lunch provided by Panda Express.

PTA and UNIVISION Parent Education Event
Saturday, November 1, 2014
8:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Birmingham Community High School
17000 Haynes Street, Van Nuys, CA 91406For more information, visit the event registration webpage or contact the Thirty-First District PTA President at pta31dist@aol.com. Download the event flier in English and Spanish.

Jun 162014
Speak up for arts education in your LCAP 

After last month’s Arts Education Advocacy Breakfast at the 2014 California State PTA Annual Convention, one local arts hero, PTA President Jocelyn Duarte from Wilshire Crest Elementary School in Los Angeles (Los Angeles Council PTA, Tenth District PTA) wasted no time in putting her passion for the arts into action. Learn more. After learning about the opportunity to secure arts education funding through the new Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) and ways to promote the importance of arts education for every child through the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP), Jocelyn did three things all arts advocates can do now to learn more and get engaged:

  1. She researched her school district’s LCAP timeline.
  2. She downloaded and reviewed her school district’s draft LCAP.
  3. She attended her school district’s next public input meeting and provided meaningful feedback on the draft LCAP.

Despite it being her first time attending a school board meeting, Jocelyn advocated fearlessly using her parent story (recently featured on KPCC public radio).

You can advocate fearlessly for arts education, too!

You can do as Jocelyn did with the latest resources from our PTA partners, the California Alliance for Arts Education, Arts for All, Arts for LA and others.

Resources include a sample LCAP template that offers concrete examples of how school districts can implement arts education strategies to improve student outcomes and a sample letter offering feedback on a district LCAP, among other tools to empower you as arts advocates.

Jun 032014


ACTION ALERT:  Call or email the Governor and members of the Budget Conference Committee NOW and urge them to invest more in our children’s future – K-12 and early education!

Your voice as parents and PTA leaders is needed right now to influence the final state budget.

Please email or call today with this message:


California State PTA urges the Governor and legislature to adopt a budget that includes:

  • More funding for schools through the new Local Control Funding Formula
  • Additional investments in two critical areas that help close the achievement gap: Early Education and Common Core State Standards implementation


Additional information

More funding for schools through the new Local Control Funding Formula

The state’s improved economy since the Great Recession, plus additional temporary taxes, have resulted in a much stronger revenue outlook than in past years. While it is significant that state budget discussions about school funding are no longer focused on what or how much to “cut” from budgets, the legislature can and must continue to do even more to support education as the state’s top priority. This includes the state meeting or exceeding its targeted funding levels for each school district and county office of education through the new Local Control Funding Formula. Parents, educators, students and communities are embracing the historic opportunity that LCFF presents, and to keep faith, it must be funded at or above the targeted levels.

Additional investments in Early Education and Common Core State Standards implementation

The window of need and opportunity is right now for important, additional investments in two critical areas that help close the achievement gap: Early Education and the implementation of Common Core Standards

Early Education. California State PTA has a long-standing commitment to early education, and we urge that additional investments be made for pre-kindergarten children in this budget to support their early learning. Research shows the clear benefit of early education in helping to close achievement gaps.

Common Core Standards Implementation. California State PTA urges that additional investments be made in the budget specifically to support school districts with implementing the new Common Core State Standards. This includes funding for professional development, technology, and instructional materials. Last year the legislature provided an initial $200 per pupil in funding for this purpose. However, there is widespread agreement that this amount is not sufficient to meet all needs and that additional funds (likely in the billions) are required. PTA is committed to the new standards, which set high expectations for all students and promote critical thinking and deeper learning. We recognize that successful implementation is essential for the future success of our students – and the state has an obligation to support that implementation through proper investment.

Budget Conference Committee Members are:

Assembly Member Nancy Skinner, Chair
Senator Mark Leno, Co-Chair
Assembly Member Richard Bloom
Assembly Member Jeff Gorell
Assembly Member Shirley Weber
Senator Loni Hancock
Senator Ricardo Lara
Senator Jim Nielsen

If any of these members are your elected representative, please be sure that you take action on this alert, as messages coming from a constituent can have a greater impact.