Jan 122020

It’s time to elect your PTA’s Nominating Committee.

Information about when and how a nominating committee is elected is found in your PTA Bylaws. For example, Bylaws provide details on who is eligible to serve as well as how many members and alternates are on the nominating committee.

Keep in mind that the election of the nominating committee takes place, each year, at least two months before the annual election meeting for board members.

This committee is one of the most important committees of your PTA. Why? The committee should:

  • Be knowledgeable about the long term objectives of your PTA
  • Understand the job requirements for each position
  • Seek individual who, as a team can help your PTA achieve its goals.

For guidelines, forms and responsibilities of the Nominating Committee, visit: http://toolkit.capta.org/running-your-pta/nominations-and-elections/electing-the-nominating-committee/

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